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Expression Studio 2

Free Template:
Expression Lounge

This template "Expression Lounge" is a free template designed for the Expression Studio user community.  It was made completely within the products of Expression Studio 2 and as such is very easy to modify.


Separation of Content and Presentation

While that's been the buzz phrase for top level web design and layout, usually facilitated by styling elements in a web page by using CSS, this template takes that concept a few steps further.

Expression Web

Expression Web

By using Expression Web, you can easily change the presentation of any element on all the pages of this template simply by editing the style sheet.

This template is intended to serve as an exercise in converting a static HTML page, such as this one, into a dynamic DWT driven page and includes arrangement to garner the benefits of easier management, publishing, and visual control.

We also gain benefits of Dynamic Web Templates in Expression Web 2. Similar to server-side templates but with the added benefit of doing all its work locally at "save time". This template system removes all requirements from the server you're publishing to.  As long as the server will pass (X)HTML files to a browser, Dynamic Web Templates will work just fine.  As an added set of benefits, sites designed with DWT files are easy to maintain because you can put the repetitive elements in the DWT, so if you need to make changes to navigation, menus, or other common page elements you need only do so in one single file and Expression Web will take care of updating all the pages that the DWT is attached to.

Expression Design 2

Expression Design

Taking the concept even further; the underlying graphics that make up the page elements can easily be changed in Expression Design, and then exported into the images folder of this template. They will be immediately used in all the pages of the site template.

Inside the images folder you will find a file called Expression Lounge with a file extension of ".design".  Just double click that file and it'll open up in Expression Design with a slice map set up and all of the graphics ready to be modified.  Have fun!

Don't have Expression Design?  Get the free trial here:

Expression Web 2 Step by Step

Expression Web 2 Step by Step

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Besides Expression Web 2 I also wrote the original Expression Web Step by Step book for Microsoft Press.  Hopefully I'll also get a chance to do a third.
I've got some new ideas...

I'm always glad to have visitors, get questions, and help out in the Expression community.